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RPL is a process that assesses the skills, knowledge and competencies you have obtained through work experience, formal or informal studies and life experiences.

The assessment process determines the extent of your skills and proficiency against the competencies required for a qualification.

RPL can be assessed in a workplace situation or by providing written evidence and can be granted for partial or total completion of a qualification.

RPL may not be a quick or simple process but can provide a flexible and faster way to have your skills and knowledge recognised against the competencies required for a particular unit or training package.

Why consider RPL?

Your experience and knowledge are valuable, and it is important to have them recognised because:

  • They may contribute to the competencies required for the unit or qualification
  • If you are competent, you do not have to repeat what you already know
  • You may have already partially or fully completed one or more units that comprise the qualification
  • Completing the course or qualification will be quicker.

The process

You will be required to gather evidence of your skills and knowledge to demonstrate and prove you are competent. Your assessor will work with you during this process to determine exactly what evidence is needed.

Typically, there are three steps:

Step 1 – Self-evaluation – If you intend to apply for RPL, advise TASC by email or telephone. An assessor will be allocated to your application.

Step 2 – Gather evidence into a portfolio and send your application form, supporting documentation and fee to TASC. If necessary, you may be required to undertake a practical demonstration of your skills. Your assessor will provide support during this part of the process.

Step 3 – Assessment and notification.

Your evidence should be:

Valid – Covers all requirements of the unit(s) of competency.

Sufficient – Enables the lecturer/assessor to make a decision about your competence over time and in different situations.

Current – Demonstrates your skills are up-to-date and you can use them now, if required.

Authentic –The evidence is your own work.

Qualifications issues by other RTOs

Under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), TASC is required to accept any Statements of Attainment and Qualifications issued by any other Registered Training Organisation.

How much does it cost?

Fees are $150.00 plus GST for each unit of competency. Payment is required when making application and must be received before the qualification or Statement of Attainment can be issued.

What’s next?

If you believe you have the prior knowledge, skills and experience necessary to prove you are competent in the unit(s) of competency that relate to a training qualification, then contact TASC by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone (08) 9240 9250.