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Reviewing Hazard Management

TASC has performed numerous workplace hazard reviews for a variety of clients. Methods used for these reviews include:

  • Workplace inspections - Hazard identification, risk assessment and implementing control strategies;
  • Desk-Top auditing of the organisation's existing hazard management policies and procedures;
  • Near miss investigations;
  • Developing policies and procedures relating to Job Safety Analysis, isolation and lockout, work permits, etc.
  • Workstation assessments and assessments for the health, construction and retail industries;
  • Risk assessment of hazardous substances including developing policy and procedures;
  • Developing industry (OSH) risk management systems;
  • Safety management reviews for these industries under this system;
  • Facilitating safety and health management planning sessions for a number of organisations;
  • Lecturing at universities on all of these concepts and strategies; and
  • Workplace auditing.