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Investigating Accidents/Incidents

Organisations need to recognise that the safety and health of its employees is of prime importance and acknowledge their obligations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 to protect all employees, as far as is reasonably practicable, from hazards in the workplace. 

Occupational health and safety is recognised as an essential part of planning and operating procedures. Both managers and employees express concern that consultation between parties will be promoted when the policy is implemented.

When accident/incident investigations are performed properly, they reveal deficiencies either with the system and/or the behaviour of the people involved that contributed to the event. They highlights the inherent causes of the incident and the potential for further incidents to happen, this provides the opportunity to decide how to prevent similar events from reoccurring.

TASC can assist your organisation to conduct an accident/incident investigation in consultation with management and/or the safety representative. The type and nature of an accident or incident would determine who should be involved in its investigation. The organisation’s management have the overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with standards for accident and incident reporting and investigation. 

Management is required to implement and document site procedures and designate responsibilities to provide for the matters outlined below. Each manager should provide an annual written report to their General Manager documenting compliance with these requirements.

  • Encourage all employees to report workplace hazards, accidents, injuries and incidents.
  • Implement without delay, appropriate temporary or permanent control strategies, as agreed between management and employees.
  • Ensure each manager/supervisor is clearly assigned responsibilities to promptly investigate and resolve occupational safety and health hazards, incidents, injuries, accidents and diseases.
  • Train all managers and supervisors in hazard investigation, risk assessment and reporting techniques.
  • Keep a central record of all reported occupational safety and health hazards, incidents, injuries, accidents and diseases, and ensure that such matters are promptly brought to the attention of relevant Safety and Health Representatives.

TASC has conducted investigations that have involved reviewing all of the above issues and assisting clients to implement these minimum required standards to help prevent work related accidents.